Learn How Dreams Become Startups

Entrepreneurs are often encouraged with “Jump in! The water’s fine.” Alternative advice might be “Caution, snake-infested swamp,” but neither is accurate because you, the business idea and target market are all unique.
In The Startup Survivor you'll learn to collect data, consider advice (much of it unsolicited), and weigh the costs – personal, professional and financial.
You'll also learn that it’s OK to decide that this idea, market or team isn’t the one. Keep searching.
Having the wisdom to see past your enthusiasm and the strength to say “No!” are skills every entrepreneur must possess. When the right idea, market, and team come together, you’ll be ready.
Dreaming of Your Startup

Building Something From Nothing

So, you have an idea for a business. Is it a good one? How do you find out? What will you call the company or product and where will you build this business? How is this venture going to impact your life and the lives of others?
These are a few of the questions you’ll be asking and answers you need to find – the sooner, the better.
In The Startup Survivor you'll learn that starting a business is easy. Saving one is hard.
Mistakes made in the beginning can haunt you for years if the startup survives that long.
Planning Your Startup

Ready, Set, Wait!

Consider the Startup Launch analogy. Would NASA launch a rocket without a checklist? Why would you start a business, and just assume that you'll figure it out as you go?
I'm not talking about a formal business plan, while nice to have, many have no basis in reality. I'm talking about nailing the fundamentals, like knowing precisely what problem you solve and how to reach the people struggling with that problem.
There are questions you must be able to answer BEFORE you launch because they're essential to keeping you on track. Think of them as both your fuel and guidance system. The Startup Survivor will help you figure out what you have and what's missing for your startup journey.
Launching Your Startup
You can launch too late, but it's far more common (and deadly) to launch too soon.

Building For Success

You’ve taken the leap and launched a startup. With a flurry of fundamental questions, like “What problem do you solve?” in the rearview mirror, you’re ready to step on the gas. Hold on. Before you go all Thelma and Louise right off a cliff, there are bumps in the road ahead.
In The Startup Survivor you'll learn that growth and profitability are not the same and that pursuing the wrong track puts the business at risk. The drive to accelerate can also impair your deal-making decisions, and some of these agreements will have a long-term effect.
As you grow you will face leadership challenges, crippling fears, and dangerous distractions, all of which can consume precious time, waste your limited funds and send you way off target.
Growing Your Startup
Forewarned is forearmed. Laying a strong foundation now will set the stage for your startup’s survival and long-term growth.

You can wish you had the book sooner, or get some great startup advice right now for the price of a frappuccino