Who is This Book Ideal For?

Thanks for your interest in “The Startup Survivor”!

You might be wondering… is this book for me? Will I benefit from this book? Or, “my friend has a business – would this book help?”

These are great questions to ask. Every entrepreneur is in a different stage of their life and in their business. What is great about “The Startup Survivor” is that it's perfect for ANY business owner – current, past, and future – to learn how to handle a startup business effectively.

So whether a business is doing well, is getting off the ground, or you have yet to put plans together, The Startup Survivor has great insight and advice based on years of actual experience to guide you through over 100 topics.


Are You Struggling to Survive?

Learn how to defend your business from the people, practices, and defusions that kill 9 out of 10 startups.
The Three Most Critical Business Elements
Most startups get this wrong! In “The Startup Survivor”, you'll learn the three most critical business elements that you need to survive, and then thrive.
What Problem Are You Trying to Solve?
Losing focus is a fatal mistake. Have you lost focus in your business on providing a solution?
I’m Trying to Give You Money!
Stop making it so difficult for customers to give you money. In “The Startup Survivor”, you'll learn how to make earning money easy for you and your customers.

This Best of Michael Maloof - Quotes from "The Startup Survivor"


What Problem Are You Trying to Solve?

“Your best chance of success will always be in your ability to focus on building solutions to problems that customers will pay you to solve.”

The Customer Focused Business

“In the design and development process, the sooner you can involve potential buyers, the more likely you are to build something they will actually purchase.”

Company and Product Naming: How Do You Spell That?

“Most startups lack the marketing dollars to promote the distinct company and products names successfully.”

Find the Right Location, Location, Location

“Your best chance of success is to base your location decision on sound business principles and to include the personal factors most important to you.”

The Three Most Critical Business Elemen

“Managing money is hard, but it's not complicated. Don’t hire a CFO; be one. You must understand your business from a financial point of view, not just from a technological or market perspective.”

Profitable and Cash Flow Positive

“Unfortunately, it's common to confuse growth with profitability and to assume that at some magic point in the future, your company will be large enough to be profitable.”
90% of startups fail
95% of entrepreneurs have at least a Bachelor's degree
42% of new businesses fall flat due to a lack of demand in the market
20% of new businesses tank because they can't keep up with the major players in their industry


Here's what people are saying about "The Startup Survivor":

A great concise compilation for those wishing to launch a new business AND the people who want to work at these startups. Maloof gives great guidance and tips in bite-sized, digestible pieces of information in easy to read, and easy to understand, chapters. Not another dry “laundry list”, The Startup Survivor is a relatable, relevant, and an enjoyable read. As an individual who has worked for several startups at the managerial level, I found the advice right on target. For those wanting to work at a startup, this book will help you understand what is needed of you to contribute to the success of the company.
Ray S.Your go-to guide for innovative entrepreneurs and the people who work for them
I've read hundreds, perhaps thousands of books, articles and essays on this subject. This vaulted to the top of the pile immediately. Great work Michael, and thank you for pouring your experience onto the page. While it is filled with actionable advice for startups and angels, it should be required reading for everyone who is an advisor or mentor to young entrepreneurs. I look forward to the next one!
Robert HustGive this gift to every young entrepreneur you know.
Most people have some idea on how to improve the world but few are willing to take the entrepreneurial plunge. After reading The Startup Survivor many of my personal fears about starting my own business have been replaced by golden nuggets of wisdom. Each chapter is a complete thought and can be individually referenced later in case you are actually dealing with patent lawyers or an acquisition etc… …If you are a dreamer or even an already established small business executive then you need to buy this book!
Dave A.Read this book before starting a business!


Read the latest strategies from the author himself, Michael Maloof. Learn to become a survival strategist in a sea of failing startups.

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