Chapter 12

Action Dissipates Fear

Not Afraid? You Will Be.

You left your day job. The comfort of a steady paycheck is gone. While the enthusiasm for your new venture lifts your spirits, doubts begin to emerge from the shadows, and they multiply as cash runs low, production runs long, and trusted partners (or investors) just run.
Fear is a powerful motivator, but it can also be crippling. It's part of startup life, and your business is no exception. How you cope is what defines you as an entrepreneur.
In The Startup Survivor, you'll see we faced many of the same demons that every startup encounters, and I'll show you how we learned to tame or kill them. Forewarned is forearmed.

Chapter 13

Drop The Rope

Every successful entrepreneur is a fighter

Every successful startup will bear the scars of battle. You may not view yourself as a warrior, but your survival will depend on it. You will learn to defend yourself, your company, your employees, your product, your market, your customers, your process and many other attributes that define who you are.
If you believe in what you're doing, you'll find both the will and the strength to fight. It will come naturally. Learning that you can walk away, and still win, is a skill that you must acquire and sharpen.
In The Startup Survivor, you'll learn to recognize the difference and when to “drop the rope.”

Chapter 44

Dogs Make Great Interviewers

Bring Your Dog To Work

There are many reasons to bring your dog to work, and I support them all, but if you need one, consider this…

Dogs Make Great Interviewers. I can see the HR managers rolling their eyes, and the attorneys getting ready to pounce.
When this premise was floated on Facebook, the response was quite interesting and ranged from “You're crazy” to “Dogs can sense evil.” I'd have to say the overwhelming trend, among hundreds of responses, was that people trust their dog's instincts. That sentiment was especially true among respondents that utilize service animals, and I imagine that trust is quite profound.

In The Startup Survivor, I stress personal survival skills, as well as, business survival. It's pointless to build a successful business if it kills you, and pets can dramatically enhance your well-being and that of your entire company. The fact that your dog might run and hide from a prospective new hire is just an interesting data point – do with that what you will.


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