Great Startup Advice for a Cup of Coffee?

Great Startup Advice for Cup of Coffee -
Great Startup Advice for Cup of Coffee –

I’m excited to announce that my first book, The Startup Survivor, is available now on Amazon! Please, feel free to stop reading and ORDER NOW.

What is The Startup Survivor?
It’s a book that distills decades of personal startup experiences and hard-won lessons into advice for entrepreneurs, and it has one goal – give startups a fighting chance to survive and grow.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll find across a dozen sections and over 100 topics:

  • The Three Most Critical Business Elements – Most startups get this wrong
  • What Problem Are You Trying to Solve? Losing focus is a fatal mistake
  • Headcount: No Pain, No Gain – Learn when, why and who to hire
  • Shipping is a Feature – No product, no cash
  • I’m Trying to Give You Money! – Stop making it so difficult

These are just a few of the topics covered in sections on Getting Started, Building for Success, Running Lean, Personal Survival Skills, Cultivating Culture, Practical Hiring, Managing Employees, Growing Sales, Marketing Tips and “The L Word” (Curious? Buy the book).

Here’s Where My Web Community Comes in…This is My Shameless Request for Your Help! I know that my connections include an eclectic group of serial entrepreneurs, angel investors, educators, former team members, classmates and of course, my chiropractor. I also know that many of you are directly involved in startups, are mentoring entrepreneurs, and are already working to encourage successful new business starts.

I’d like you to consider adding The Startup Survivor to your personal business development arsenal, and I hope you’ll forward this announcement to the startups, entrepreneurs and investors you’re helping. I know that The Startup Survivor will guide them around many common pitfalls, and while it can’t prevent all mistakes, it just might keep them from making a fatal one!

So, you ask, “What does this have to do with a cup of coffee?” Great question! As some of you know, I’m a Starbucks Frappuccino* addict. What else can you call someone that makes a daily, forty-minute, round-trip commute for coffee? When deciding how to price the book, the answer was obvious. I often meet with entrepreneurs and investors at my local coffee shop, so it made perfect sense to set the Introductory Price accordingly.

For a limited time, the Amazon eBook is available for just $5.78. Yes, that’s the price of my daily habit – this is Starbucks, not McDonald’s, and we are talking about a book that’s over three-hundred pages long. Trust me – you’ll come away with at least one idea that’s worth a cup of coffee! Here are a few examples…

  • Why starting your dream business, the one you are most passionate about, may be the reason you fail.
  • How “Bright Shiny Object” syndrome can kill your startup.
  • Why sometimes, in business, it’s best to walk away from a fight.
  • Why you might need to fire, demote or reassign the person who helped you start.
  • The difference between builders and maintainers and which one is your best hire.
  • How to find the most effective sales model.
  • Why mirroring what the big companies do is a trap.
  • Why the “storytellers” in your company should be developed.

If you’re considering the startup path, whether building, joining or investing, I urge you to “LOOK INSIDEThe Startup Survivor. Take a peek at the index, and flip through a few pages. You’ll see the book is a real-world look at entrepreneurship and the startup journey, and readers will come away better equipped to survive and succeed.

Remember, by ORDERING NOW, on my official “Launch Day,” you can help propel The Startup Survivor to the Amazon Best Seller list for startups – that’s the best way to ensure the book will be seen by the people that need it most.

Finally, (for those of you still reading) my sincere thanks to the friends and colleagues that encouraged this endeavor, and to all of you helping to make it a success.

Warm Regards,

— Michael

*To be precise, we’re talking about a Venti Mocha Frappuccino, with seven pumps of mocha, no whip, double-blended and served with a short straw. Go ahead, ask me why.









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