What can I expect out of the book?

An honest look at the startup life. No hype. No promises. Just unique insight based on real-world, hands-on experience and hard-won lessons (some of which were outrageously expensive). If you're the type that prefers to learn from other people's mistakes, this is the book for you.

Will you be teaching a course on The Startup Survivor?

Absolutely. An online course is in the works and will be rolled out shortly.

Will I get rich if I read your book?

Like many authors who write on the subject of entrepreneurship and startups, I can't guarantee anything. But what I can promise you is that you will learn to spot and avoid some potentially fatal mistakes.  You will learn to survive in the startup wilderness. If you implement what you learn in the book, you'll be prepared to recognize and seize your best chance of success.

What is your best advice for someone with an idea for a business?

Blind faith is deadly. It's fine to dip your toe in the water, but before you jump, find out if anyone really wants what you have to offer. Whether product, service or some hybrid, your success depends on solving problems at a profit.

Do you offer autographed copies of your book?

I run periodic giveaway promotions on Goodreads for autographed copies, and I will be participating in regional book signings.  Other than winning a copy, or being in the right place at the right time, I'm afraid an autographed copy will remain a rare and elusive creature, but thanks for asking!

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