My career as a serial entrepreneur began over 35 years ago... frappuccino addiction is much more recent.


In roles that included CEO, CTO, and angel investor I've been a central figure in several successful startups and a couple of multimillion-dollar acquisitions.

My first venture created an entirely new category of desktop productivity and database consulting that leveraged the arrival of the PC. I counted some of Silicon Valley’s largest companies among my clients including HP, AMD and Varian Associates. In the early 90’s, I was the co-founder and CEO of an ERP software company.

From a “bootstrap” venture, with virtually no funding, my partner and I grew the firm to over one hundred employees, four regional offices, and over a thousand customers.

A stellar engineering team, with a ground-breaking design, produced some unique intellectual property that was among the factors that led to an acquisition.


In 2002, I was introduced to a local startup. A brilliant, young, software engineering team had developed a first generation product in an emerging category, but some radical changes in business management, executive leadership, and product commercialization would be needed for the firm to survive.

Working initially as an active investor, I mentored the young team, helped set priorities and goals, and provided software development, marketing and publishing expertise. Eventually, a group of investors asked me to step in and oversee the company’s technology vision and execution.

Over the next nine years, as CTO, I helped build an extraordinary team and outstanding product. Together we took on and beat major competitors like Cisco, produced an award-winning product that dominated its market, and generated multiple patents. Ultimately, the product’s excellence and reputation, along with the company’s rapid growth and profitability, led to a record-setting acquisition.

Michael Maloof

The Startup Survivor Series

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Today, as a founding partner of the Golden Oak Writer’s Guild, I’m turning decades of hands-on business experience, investment consultation and life lessons into advice entrepreneurs can use to help their startup survive and thrive.

We’ll be publishing a pair of books in the The Startup Survivor series. The first is The New Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting, Surviving, and Succeeding in Business. A companion book, Getting Hired, helps future entrepreneurs entering the job market, seeking the critical experience they’ll need to launch their venture.

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